shutterstock_155175470Senior Citizen Alarms

In addition, senior citizens are more likely to encounter a life safety issue, such as a serious fall, medication mishap, sudden illness, or physiological heart attack, stroke, or seizure.

These systems are simple to use and include a panic button wrist-watch or neck-chain. Used in addition to our 24hr monitoring service.

Consider these useful tips:

  • When service or delivery people come to your door, check their ID. If you’re still uncertain, call the company to ensure they are legitimate.
  • Families should have a key to the home as well as a trusted neighbor in the event of an incident.
  • If you decide to install an alarm system, consider one that is monitored for burglary, fire, carbon    monoxide and medical emergencies.
  • Locks are the first line of defense against a home invasion. Too, periodically check the locks to make sure they are in good working order.

Having these useful tips and 24hr monitoring service, helps to give peace of mind towards your loved one within seconds and appropriate measures put in place to ensure their safety.

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