Fire Services

We are aware that businesses must trust our expertise in the area of fire detection and protection and have devised our Fire Services offering based on this level of expectation placed on us. We work across all industries from small manufacturing premises to high risk sites requiring extensive fire service supports.

Fire Alarms for all premises

Our experience and expertise throughout commercial and public sectors includes:

  • Healthcare – health centres, nursing homes and hospitals
  • Retail – large and small shops, supermarkets and shopping centres
  • Industrial – factory premises and hazardous environments
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Educational – schools, colleges and universities

Fire Services Monitoring

From our Command & Control Centre, we provide monitoring services for all fire emergencies.

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Under the Fire Standard I.S-3218:2009, it is a legal requirement for all fire alarms to be installed & maintained at regular intervals by qualified personnel.


Uncontrolled fires present a major and unpredictable risk to people and property. The purpose of early fire detection is to identify automatically and reliably all activations within the building. EN54/IS3218 provides a classification of fire alarm systems according to the protection required. Sharp Group can provide consultation and training in all aspects relating to your fire detection requirements.


Under current Irish legislation you must install portable fire fighting equipment in your premises.

We take responsibility for every stage of fire alarm system development and implementation, including site surveys, system design, installation, and commissioning, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance.


GASEOUS DETECTION SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS : These systems give 24hr automatic detection for communications rooms, high power risk rooms etc. Different types of gas detection systems are available with FM200, INERGEN, or CO2 GAS SYSTEMS. They all have the same application for protecting property and human life. RESTAURANT FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS: Kitchen fires are a common occurance. This system protects you and your premises 24 hours a day. The system design can be activated automatically or manually protecting all cooking appliances and ducting to suppress a fire within seconds. Sharp Group can provide consultation, surveys and training for all aspects relating to your gas / restaurant fire extinguishing systems.


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